Why is the style correction important in your thesis?

We know that you are putting a lot of effort into building excellent content for your thesis.

Therefore, we believe that it is unacceptable that this is criticized for issues such as bad spelling, lack of coherence in sentences, involuntary plagiarism, tables and disordered figures, the lack of aesthetics of the document, the absence of indexes and special lists , among other aspects that although they are important, should not subtract from your work, rather they should add value.

But, how will you do to concentrate on constructing the objectives, the problem, the theoretical framework, the methodology and the final document in general; and also take care to learn the manual of APA or Vancouver or ICONTEC standards, etc., become an expert in writing rules and be an ace in handling of word?

This will be really difficult, not to say impossible, we all know that the one that covers a lot of little squeezes, and that always the best thing is to specialize in something so that it is perfect.

Where do I go with this?

To that, if you did not know, hiring the services of an expert not only save you time to devote to develop your thesis as such, but also allow you to add value to it, making the appearance of form, which also It is part of the evaluation of the juries and tutors, be excellent.

In that sense, your thesis:

  • It will look better in general format (indexes, figures, tables, annexes, pagination, etc.)
  • It will have a unified aspect in terms of type of letter, use of acronyms, number writing, titling, among others.
  • You will not have problems of plagiarism, which is very common in the degree works.
  • Will have ideas expressed in a coherent way.
  • The writing of the text will follow the necessary writing rules.
  • It will provide credits to others for their ideas thanks to the correct citation and referencing.
  • It will be free of spelling and typing errors.
  • In this way, the correction of style represents a relief from stress for you, thesis student; in addition, a plus for your thesis that will make it worthy of more positive comments, not only from your tutor or juries, but from the readers.

  • Because remember, the theses are the main documents of consultation of other researchers, there lies the importance that these are of quality.

In addition, it is always best to avoid the corrections of the tutor or juries to the maximum. We already know how tedious the process becomes when we are corrected too much.

We know that for the thesis the correction of style in their projects is important, as demonstrated by the results of a survey we did recently on our Facebook Fanpage and on our Instagram profile. Which can be seen in the following images.

As you can see, for most of the participants the service is very important, however, there are few who hire it for their final documents.

For that reason, days later we consulted which aspects would take into account to send their theses to correction of style; and this is what they answered:

The variables considered mainly by the thesis are the price and recommendations of third parties who have already used this service.

Regarding this we have two things to say:

1. It is important to hire style editors who are 100% focused on thesis review, since their prices will be established according to the target audience, namely students. This is because it is much more feasible to find affordable prices in this type of companies, than in entities or people who correct other types of documents such as books, who besides not having experience in the academic language, do not know the budgetary restrictions of a thesis. And they set prices similar to those that a writer with a great career could afford.

2. The best way to know about the service provided by a company is to hear testimonies from people who have been their clients, this gives confidence to access the correction of style, because it allows to understand the work more directly. Therefore, it is always important to read the recommendations or testimonials of clients or users of the service.

Taking into account the above, I want you to ask:

Am I stressed with so many pending tasks regarding the thesis?

Would it improve my productivity by dedicating myself only to building a great research?

Would I be interested in having experts review the aspects of style and form of my thesis?

If all or two of your answers are yes, go ahead! Contact us

Release a little stress, here we are to help you.

Once you decide to send your thesis to style correction, do not worry about APA norms and topics of form, concentrate on the most important thing; and for this, we also have tools, do not forget to download your thesis manual and subscribe to our blog, where weekly we upload material on how to do the thesis that will serve you in the construction of each part of the same, from the objective to the sustentation.