Building new in DFW

IFD and a leading provider for landscaping have joined forces. IFD building smart has come together with several contractors in DFW to put together a wonderful project for the new Toyota company that will be moving into thousand 17 to DFW.

Yes! It’s true DFW will be the new headquarters for Toyota USA. Located right here in Grand Prairie Texas where construction has already started on its way. One of the new developers that has joined the team as I am dealing with their new technology building smart and making sure that everything runs up to par. They have contracted the very best contractors in the metroplex to help build the new Toyota building. Contracting with USA roofer, landscapes international, and lots of other subcontractors to help build the new facility and production for Toyota. It’s an exciting journey says need to see if I have the library and he is excited to announce that this is the first major project that they will be doing in Texas.

In combination with all the subcontractors they are doing lots of renovation in the landscaping as well to include the plantation of red Oaks and numerous new gardening for their employees.
This is great news for Texas and also for DFW which this particular project will provide well over 20,000 jobs when it’s all said and done boosting the economy to an overall high since 2008. The giant manufacturer of cars Toyota he says they’re excited to get the project to IFD because of their developing skills in the past. Will keep you posted on any latest developments.