The Best Method To Supply Clean Water To Your Home

Water is the most important element of our body, so whether the water is clean is the biggest problem in our daily life. A high-quality best whole house water filter with a seamless pipe is one of the easiest switches to make for a healthier life.

Water is the most important element of our body, so our body need a kind of clean water. A high-quality water filter is necessary part of our daily life, and you can use it with a kind of seamless pipe which can protect the water from the germ that is bad for our health. No matter which type your home is, you can always find a great water filters available for it. Not only countertop units that work great in apartments, but also full under-counter and whole-house filters, it’s easy to find a great filter for your home.

In some ways, it is extremely important to find the healthiest and most nutrient dense food options, however, the best water can be even more important. There may be hundreds of chemicals in some sources of water, which can easily be absorbed by our body, and it is better than that from food.

Best whole house water filter

What Is In You Water?

According to research from the Environmental Working Group, when you are drinking tap water, there are more than 300 chemicals and pollutants in it. They are:

  • Volatile Organic Chemicals
  • Heavy Metals
  • Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
  • Fluoride

Check Your Water

It will help you a lot if you check your local water quality report when you are choosing a filter, if you know what contaminants are in your water supply, you can figure out what you need to filter out. Checking your local water company’s website to find the local water report which should be publicly available is always the easiest way, or you can Google the name of your city and “water quality report” to find it.

Choosing A Water Filter

Now you can choose the best water filter option for your family when you know what you need to remove. So if you are just like me whodon’t like drinking a chemical cocktail every time we are thirsty, here are some options for you to choose the best water filter for your family.

Pitcher Water Filters

Granulated Activated Charcoal is the most important part of this water filter, it can help remove some contaminants, besides, they are much cheaper. But the shortcoming is that they need frequent filling, and the carbon can not remove all toxins because it isn’t solid.

Charcoal Stick Water Filters

Charcoal sticks are small and they are a great alternative for those people who have little space for living, what’s more, they are reusable and can also be used as a refrigerator deodorizer or in the garden, which are a great eco-friendly zero-waste option for many family.

Solid Block Carbon Filters

It can work with gravity rather than the electricity or running water, in the long run, it seems to be the least expensive for these types of units and requires the fewest filter replacements, which can save some room. The naturally occurring minerals from the water will not be removed with these types of filters, and that makes them the best tasting filtered water option.

Under Counter Multi-Stage Filters

The widest range of contaminants will be removed and they are easy to use without manual filling required, spigot attaches near sink which is very easy to use.

PUR Faucet Water Filter

This type of filter is attached to my faucet which is convenient for me to use if you have less room. The delicate appearence with the seamless pipe can be a perfect filter for many people, even when you have more rorm, you can not just give it up.

Best whole house water filter

Ovopur Dispenser

This is a serious filter which is really a luxury in your house, it can cool the water with the ceramic egg shaped dispenser, besides, it can let the water keep running in order to avoid bacterial buildup. The lower chamber can hold 11 liters of water which can supply for one week for your family.

Best whole house water filter

Therefore, if there is a kind of filter in your home, you can enjoy the clean water and healthy water, and both of them can bring you a healthy body. A man need to drink 1.5 liters of water a day, according to the study, this is the best and easiest way for us to keep healthy, so in this situation, clean water seems to be more important for our daily life. What’s more, if you only have the filter is not the final option, what you need is a kind of seamless pipe to help you protect the water from the germ that is bad for our health. If you have them both, it must be the best method to supply the clean water in your home.